Parse-MD.jsRegex-based Markdown parser in functional JS


Introduction & Usage

Parse-MD.js is a really simple tool that converts Markdown to HTML. It's built using regular expressions in combination with functional Javascript. It's really tiny (about 100 lines of code) and can be easily extended by adding more regular expressions. Most major Markdown syntax features are supported (with the exception of tables, that are a little bit tricky to implement using regular expressions). To check the recognized syntax rules, have a look at the README.

To use the parser, just grab the javascript code from here and simply call

var parsedMD = parseMarkdown(yourMarkdownVar);

for the parser to parse the contents of yourMarkdownVar into parsedMD as HTML.

Convert some Markdown!

Actions speak louder than words, right? Well, let's see it at work thne! Enter some valid Markdown text in the input field below, then press the button below it to convert it to HTML instantly!