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I'm Angelos Chalaris, 23 years old, a web developer from Athens, Greece. Programming is not just a career path for me, but also a hobby and a passion of mine. I started coding sometime around 2011, which is when I started studying Computer Science in the University of Piraeus. After getting a BSc in Computer Science, I started studying for a MSc in Advanced Information Systems with a concentration in Advanced Software Development Technologies. After a few years of working with Java, C# and Python, I took an interest in web and mobile development. Lately, I am particularly interested in Javascript and Node.js, along with many of the libraries and frameworks developed for this ecosystem, as well as things such as progressive web apps and web applications.


BSc Computer ScienceUniversity of Piraeus, 2011-2016

I studied various core concepts of programming and computer science, such as algorithms, network architecture, programming languages and artificial intelligence, while my focus was Software Technologies & Intelligent Systems. During this time, I learnt to code in C++, Java, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Prolog, developing various projects and applications. My thesis was on Business Process Intelligence, Process Mining and the ProM Framework (available here in Greek).

MSc Advanced Information SystemsUniversity of Piraeus, 2016-2018 (current)

I am currently studying Advanced Software Development Technologies, familiarizing with some more advanced programming and architecture concepts, especially ones that are used in web-based technologies and modern desktop applications.

Front End Development ProgramfreeCodeCamp, 2017-2018

I have completed freeCodeCamp's Front End Development Program, learning the essential skills for developing websites and web applications, using HTML, CSS, Javascript and popular tools, such as jQuery and Bootstrap.


I have attended the following seminars:

  • Windows 8 & the Cloud in action (November, 22, 2012 - University of Piraeus)
  • Mobile Programming (May, 17-18, 2014 - University of Piraeus)
  • FOSSCOMM 2016 (April, 16-17, 2016 - University of Piraeus)
  • FOSSCOMM 2017 (November, 4-5, 2017 - Harokopio University)

I have completed the following Tech Talent School courses:

Online Courses

I have completed the following courses on Codecademy:

  • Ruby (April, 2016)
  • Learn AngularJS 1.X (June, 2016)
  • Learn Git (June, 2016)
  • jQuery (June, 2016)
  • HTML & CSS (June, 2016)
  • Learn ReactJS: Part I (March, 2017)
  • Learn ReactJS: Part II (March, 2017)
  • PHP (May, 2017)

I have completed the following courses on Udemy:

Projects & Open Source

30 seconds of codeJavascript, ES6, Node.js, HTML

30 seconds of code is a curated collection of over 250 modern Javascript snippets, that can be easily copied into any new or existing project. The project has over 100 contributors, with new snippets added daily, while most of its systems utilize continuous integration tools to streamline the build and update process of the project. It's currently one of the most extensive learning resources for ES6 on GitHub.

mini.cssCSS, Sass

mini.css is one of my most ambitious projects, providing a minimal, responsive and easily customizable alternative to popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Semantic UI. It utilizes modern technologies, techniques and design patterns, such as the Flexbox module and material design, while it's written in SCSS without the need for any Javascript code. It runs on most modern browsers and is actively maintained and updated frequently.

mini.css React & Preact LibrariesJavascript, React, Preact

These two component libraries serve as an extension of my CSS framework, mini.css, utilizing two different Javascript libraries (React and Preact respectively). Both libraries are tested and thoroughly documented, while their components can also be used independently, allowing for greater flexibility. Both libraries are actively maintained.

mockaCSS, Sass

I built the mocka placeholder to be a very simple, yet elegant content placeholder, used to enhance user experience when a page is loading. Crafted with customization in mind, it is written in SCSS and can be altered really easily to accommodate any and all needs. It runs on all browsers and is actively maintained.

Progressive Web App MockupJavascript, HTML, React, PWA

A fully-featured progressive web app mockup , built as part of an extensive tutorial article I wrote for Hackernoon on Medium. This web application features a custom-tailored material flavor of my CSS framework, mini.css, as well as various online resources and APIs to showcase the capabilities and workflow of progressive web apps. It utilizes service workers and offline caching to deliver an optimized user experience, while it can also be installed locally. The project is actively maintained and I am planning to revisit it in the future with more tutorial articles and functionality extensions.

CodeIgniter RAPPHP, CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter RAP is made up of multiple helper functions that can be used to create RESTful APIs using PHP. While built for CodeIgniter, these helper functions are not dependent on it, allowing it to be used with other frameworks. The project has been tested thoroughly and used on various college projects, while it's being actively maintained.

HTML5 Template GeneratorHTML, Javascript, jQuery

I built HTML5 Template Generator as a replacement tool for all the boilerplates available online, so that anyone can quickly and easily create a simple HTML5-compliant page, without having to go through all the boring stuff. It supports exporting the templates to Codepen and JSFiddle, as well as defining a plethora of properties and generating certain framework boilerplates. The project is not actively maintained anymore.

Bootstrap ExtendBootstrap, Javascript

Bootstrap Extend was another quick project I built in order to add certain new components that extend and enhance the functionality of Bootstrap. These components include lightboxes, toggle switches, collapse boxes and custom styles for some common elements. This project is discontinued as of now.

Demos & Smaller ProjectsJavascript, CSS, HTML

  • More of a creative demo than anything else, Starclock-js is a beautiful astronomical clock, built using only Javascript, HTML and CSS.
  • A progressive web app boilerplate, Progressive Web App Demo serves as a starting point for developing progressive web apps.
  • Reactor is a simple set of Bash/Batch scripts that easily setup a ReactJS application in any system, so that you can start creating your ReactJS project immediately, without setting up dependencies and the like.
  • Parse-MD.js is a simple Markdown parser that uses regular expressions and functional Javascript. It's tiny (about 100 lines of code) and can be easily extended and customized to include custom rules.
  • brainsource.js is a simple Regex-based brainf**k interpreter, written in functional Javascript.
  • Multisort is a silly hybrid sorting algorithm in Python, which utilizes multiple sorting algorithms to sort a list of numbers.


I have been writing on Medium for a while, covering various programming topics, mostly focused around web development and design. I am currently a Writer for the Hackernoon and FreeCodeCamp publications. Some of my most recommended stories include:

Community Contributions & StackOverflow

I actively participate in the Q&A site StackOverflow and I currently have over 3000 reputation points. Most of my questions and answers are in the Javascript, jQuery and Java tags. Apart from that, I am a member of a handful of coding challenge websites, such as Sphere Online Judge (more than 100 problems solved), Codewars (more than 2000 honor gathered) and CodinGame (level 10). I also participate on Hashnode, a social network for developers, and sometimes share short stories and articles about my experience with certain tools and projects.